High Speed Openers for Commercial Doors

May 21, 2020

Easily opens a door 10 seconds faster than a comparable standard speed operator. – Open an existing door up to 3x as fast.

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New PS Public Protection™ Division Launches In Support Of Protecting People And Property

May 14, 2020

PSDoors, a proud partner of Overhead Door Co. of Regina, recently announced the ArmorBoss™ Product Lineup to assist support of protecting people and property during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Commercial Operator Tip of the Month

Do you need to power up 24V AC commercial accessories from an Overhead Door® Commercial Operator? The main circuit boards in the operators have a connector designed just for this purpose & can supply up to 1 amp of current.

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Get the most out of your Overhead Door® Commercial Operators

Add a Timer Close Module (TCM) and/or Auxiliary Output Module (AOM) to leverage the full capabilities ofyour commercial operator. Easily integrate with dock levelers, security systems, access control systems & more with features like: TCM – allows for timer on specific activations, pre-close warnings & a second monitored entrapment device.

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Overhead Door Garage Door Opener Technical Support

Overhead Door® Operator Division has a highly trained Technical Support Service team! The customer exclusive number to call to take advantage of that support is 1-800-275-6187.

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