Winter Booking Program: Free Installation

January 11, 2021

The new year is here, and so is our Winter Booking Program! This Winter promotion offers free installation on Thermacore 490 insulated garage doors (also referred to as the model 5760).

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Framing a Garage Door

November 26, 2020

Feet and Inches: In the garage door industry, we communicate dimensions in feet and inches (i.e.

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High Speed Openers for Commercial Doors

May 21, 2020

Easily opens a door 10 seconds faster than a comparable standard speed operator. – Open an existing door up to 3x as fast.

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New PS Public Protection™ Division Launches In Support Of Protecting People And Property

May 14, 2020

PSDoors, a proud partner of Overhead Door Co. of Regina, recently announced the ArmorBoss™ Product Lineup to assist support of protecting people and property during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Commercial Operator Tip of the Month

Do you need to power up 24V AC commercial accessories from an Overhead Door® Commercial Operator? The main circuit boards in the operators have a connector designed just for this purpose & can supply up to 1 amp of current.

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Get the most out of your Overhead Door® Commercial Operators

Add a Timer Close Module (TCM) and/or Auxiliary Output Module (AOM) to leverage the full capabilities ofyour commercial operator. Easily integrate with dock levelers, security systems, access control systems & more with features like: TCM – allows for timer on specific activations, pre-close warnings & a second monitored entrapment device.

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Overhead Door Garage Door Opener Technical Support

Overhead Door® Operator Division has a highly trained Technical Support Service team! The customer exclusive number to call to take advantage of that support is 1-800-275-6187.

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