Get the most out of your Overhead Door® Commercial Operators

May 14, 2020

Overhead Door Corporation RSX Commercial Sectional Door and Rolling Door Motors offer an exclusive 3-year parts warranty when bundled with Overhead Door Corporation doors.

Add a Timer Close Module (TCM) and/or Auxiliary Output Module (AOM) to leverage the full capabilities of
your commercial operator. Easily integrate with dock levelers, security systems, access control systems & more with features like:

  • TCM – allows for timer on specific activations, pre-close warnings & a second monitored entrapment device.
  • Timed close * Timer hold input * Pre-close warning output contacts
  • Monitored edge input * Auxiliary open input * Normally closed input
  • AOM – adds multiple single pole double throw (SPDT) contacts to allow for notifications or actions that require
  • knowledge of door position.
  • Up/down limit outputs – 2 sets each * Mid-stop limit output * ADA output * Lamp output