High Speed Openers for Commercial Doors

May 21, 2020

Easily opens a door 10 seconds faster than a comparable standard speed operator.

– Open an existing door up to 3x as fast.
– Extend the life of both the operator and door system.
– Get the same speed as an expensive high performance door without the hassle of a complicated retrofit and for a fraction of the price.


When considering a VFD Series operator installation, determine:

Door Specs
– door type                      – lift type                         – door width
– door height                   – door weight                  – balanced (yes/no)
– drum/barrel size           – low moment arm          – turns to open

Application Specs
– desired opening door speed (between 10”/sec and 24”/sec)
– desired closing door speed (between 10”/sec and 24”/sec)
– voltage *
– high cycle (yes/no)

* Note: 460V & 575V and all horsepowers above 1.5HP require separate
control panel