Nice Soon Pro Motor

April 11, 2021

NICE is a commercial and industrial garage door motor manufacturer who acquired Micanan Canada. We want to highlight their Soon Pro commercial sectional door motor.

Soon Pro

For balanced sectional doors up to 16’ high
24V DC electromechanical gear motor with absolute encoder

  • Versatile: Ideal for light commercial doors with light duty cycle requirements
  • Easy to install: Compact design makes installation directly onto the shaft of a sectional door simple and fast
  • Practical: Simplified connectivity between the control unit and optional accessories
  • Reliable: Rigorous testing and quality control processes ensure long-term dependability
  • Easy maintenance: Removable terminals and receivers
  • Space-saving Design: All-in-one unit mounts next to the door

You can learn more about the Nice by clicking here, or you can view the Soon Pro Spec Sheet.