Summer Driving Safety/Accident Management

July 22, 2021

Though we often associate winter road conditions with more accidents, the frequency of accidents is at its highest in the middle of the summer. From tiring road trips, to road construction, there are many different factors that contribute to this increase in accidents during July and August. However, if you are in, or have witnessed and accident, there are a number of different tips you can use in order to manage the situation. The Co-Operators offer the following:

  1. Stop: Never leave the scene of the accident before stopping and assessing the situation.
  2. Stay Calm: Confirm no one is hurt, then check for damage.
  3. Check Surroundings: Watch for oncoming traffic, and turn on hazards to warn other drivers.
  4. Call For Help: If the accident is serious, call 911.
  5. Address Injuries: Keep injured people warm and don’t move them unless they are in immediate danger.
  6. Gather Info: After you have identified that everyone is ok, or that emergency help is coming, gather info for an accident report.
  7. File A Report: File a police report about the accident by calling 911.
  8. Take Pictures: Include damages to all vehicles involved.
  9. Move Your Vehicle: If it is safe to do so, move your vehicle out of the flow of traffic.
  10. Limit Discussion: Try not to talk about the accident with the other driver. Only talk about the accident with the police or insurance companies.

Safety is important to us in all aspects of our business. Driving to and from job sites is no exception. Along with our COR certification, ISNetworld/Avetta memberships, and our extensive safety courses completed through the SCSA, many of our employees have also completed road safety courses through SGI. Our goal is safety for everyone involved, even those we are driving along side in our site to site commutes.